Reduction in UX



“Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

— Albert Einstein

Application & Examples

  1. Remove elements
RBC Home page 2004
RBC Home page 2020
Airbnb 2018
  • Practitioners need to get good balance between the primary and secondary features. Primary disclosure level includes most frequent and important features without presenting too many options.
  • Users can clearly notice and understand the progress from the primary to the secondary disclosure levels. Practitioners need to set clear expectations and visual cues including links and buttons to let users find the function.
  • Show only preview for content. For example, use it for news websites, blogs and articles.
  • Show only titles of sections and make information in each section expandable. It usually is used in Frequently Asked Questions and help center.
  • Use Mega menus to show essential labelling for users and hide some secondary options.
  • Apply Hamburger menu to hide more options.
  • Apply Step-by-step design to guide users on frequent actions.
BestBuy Mega Menu 2020
Amazon Hamburger Menu 2020

Related UI Components to Reduction

  1. Accordion
  2. Tab
  3. Mega menus
  4. Hamburger menu




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Susie Hu

Susie Hu

An UX Designer who passionate about behavioral science and minimalist design on the road to becoming a growth designer.